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Woo Hoo – I’m Talkin’ Baseball for you on mlbvoice.com!

The game of baseball has been a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember. It all began back when I was a ten-year-old watching our Cardinals in the 1968 Worlds Series. Bob Gibson had the ball and I watched him “fall” off the pitcher’s mound on that black-and-white TV.  It simply amazed me. I was hooked!

Baseball was there with me as I grew up. Oh, those great memories listening to that transistor radio of mine hidden perfectly underneath my pillow. Harry Carey told me all about how “It might be, it could be, it is – a home run!” It was so exciting and vivid. Then Jack Buck with his smooth and friendly voice taught me all about the game. I “watched” baseball on the radio. They made me feel like I was at the game. You probably know what I’m talkin’ about.

Baseball and I continued through life. I’ve had the pleasure to experience our Cardinals on baseball’s biggest stage – the World Series. I’ve seen the excitement of the ’82 & ’06 series as we won our 9th & 10th championships.

Then. . .hold on. . .11 in ’11. There’s is probably nothing like the baseball we experienced that season. Words can’t describe the roller coaster ride we took with our Cardinals on the greatest comeback in baseball history. You know that our Cardinals’ commitment will continue. I’m just waiting for more. . .

Now I bring my love for this game to my website – mlbvoice.com. I blog daily &  try to keep it Fun! and informative for fans. Dull? Duh!

I hope you enjoy my baseball Fun! Keep comin’ back!

Game on!



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